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Sundlöf Sunleaf in USA

In Sweden there is at least 2 families SUNDLÖF, one in the north of Sweden and one in the south. The family from the south seems to come all from the area of the town Oskarshamn in the county of Kalmar in Småland. There is also one family from Finnland.


Of them around Oskarshamn Jenny Hildegard SUNDLÖF, born 1873, went to US in 1888, to Geneva in Illinois, and there she changed her familyname to Turnqvist, the name of the person who I hold as her father. She later married to Gustaf Larson in Chicago. (See down the site about her).


She had an oncle (mothers brother) Karl Fredrik  (Carl/Charles Fredric) born 1860 who also went to Geneva, but in 1883. The spelling of his name soon became SUNLEAF. That was the start of the Sunleaf family in that area. He had two 1st cousins, Adolf Julius, born 1858, and his brother Frans Fabian, born 1860, who went to US and Geneva  in 1881 and 1880. From the same area of Sweden more Sundlöf´s went away: Jona A in 1882, Arvid I in 1912, Carl A in 1903, Agnes M in 1903, Carl O in 1881, Emma S in 1903, are they all relatives?


During the study of the SUNLEAF family from Geneva I have found ONE PROBLEM. Arthur Wendel Sunleaf, born 1911, was married twice. He had, what you find in his obituary, three children:  Arthur Wendel (born 1952), Roger Wendel (born 1938) and David Arthur (born 1942). His first wife Virginia died in 1964.


His second wife Lucille Ellen is said to, in her obituary, have became mother of two of his children and then blessed with an Arthur. But she married Arthur Wendel in 1965, so it can not be one of the three children above.  How is this?


I have also found an Arthur Wendel, born in 1942. Here is something wrong, but what? I can not solve the problem!


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Jenny Hildegard Sundlöf was the daugther out of marriage of Ida Sofia Sundlöf, who also was born out of marriage. Ida worked as a housekeeper and during that time she got a son who lived as a fosterson of the man where Ida worked and after she had worked there. The son went to USA in 1888. That boy had the familyname of the presumed father, Turnqvist (Törnqvist).


Jenny was born shorter than 9 months after that her mother stopped to work as a housekeeper. When Jenny arrived in USA soon she changed her familyname to Turnqvist. In 1895 she married Gustaf Larson, the brother of F A Larsson and others from Blåberga in Lerbäck in Sweden. F A Larsson is the grandfather (fathers father) of Katarina Lönnqvist, born Lennermark, and my wife. (See Släkter från Närke)